Interesting Things about the Commercial Waterhog Mats

Interesting Things about the Commercial Waterhog Mats

When you explore the best entrance mat on the market today, your search often ends at the waterhog mats. Plenty of good reasons make this flooring mat an excellent investment for the commercial space. Now, the trend of using this mat for residential areas is increasing slowly. It comes in different sizes, colors, and patterns. So, choosing the mats according to your needs becomes much easier.

Even though it performs the functions of the regular mats, it carries some unique characteristics and features. It has the molded surface pattern and advanced technology to wipe out the dirt, dust, water, snow, and others in your shoe when crossing over the mat. Different varieties of Waterhog floor mats are available in the market. Choose the right mat that fulfills your demands and budget.

These mats are the most favorite flooring option for hotels, office buildings, and others. Since these mats are constructed with quick-drying polyester surfaces and recycled materials, they keep all the liquids and prevent spilling. It means you can keep your floor clean, hygienic, and safe all the time. Keep reading to know more exciting things about this mat.

What makes Waterhog rugs stand out from the crowd?

With the waterhog mats, you can select the cleated or smooth backing for different surface applications. You can also choose the black rubber or matching color fabric borders to achieve the industrial look. Another great feature that makes this mat unique is that it can retain up to 1.5gallons of water/square yard without overflowing onto the floor. So, you will not require to handle any mess anymore.

Most of these mats come in more than 20standard sizes and are accessible in six colors options. Besides, you will have the customization option to design the carpets according to the specific length at no extra charge. Due to these aspects, Waterhog floor mats are becoming so popular. It helps you to create the best look in your space. You can also make the customized mat with your brand logo to promote your business.

Qualities of the Waterhog mats

Do you want to set the right tone for your commercial space? Then, place the waterhog mats at the entrance. It warmly welcomes visitors with its top-quality construction of polypropylene, PET polyester fibers, and thermostatic polymers. These commercial grade mats are static resistant, fast-drying, and fade resistant. In addition, it makes sure that your entrance will look safe, hygienic, and well-maintained.

Even though you put the marble floor in the entrance, the beautiful mat adds more value to the aesthetic. It is not only looking beautiful but also preventing many risks such as slip and fall. The unique water dam edge traps all the water and prevents your floor from many hassles. It has the best rubber backings, and thus it does not slide or move around. It increases safety and provides excellent branding opportunities. You can print the company logo and name on the mat to attract the customer’s attention.