How To Target Only Your Best Prospects in Google Ads?

How To Target Only Your Best Prospects in Google Ads?

Importance of Precision in Google Ads

Google lets you focus on searchers who are in your market at the moment when they start searching for your products or services. This is what sets Google apart from other advertising platforms. This helps Google as well because Google prioritizes user experience. Thus, the most relevant ads and results are what Google wants to display to its searchers.

Targeting the right audience in a PPC campaign is a crucial task. A few wrong keywords can derail your campaign by generating wrong traffic. This would drill a hole in your pocket because you will be paying for this traffic from your advertising budget. Thus, precision becomes the single most important thing which you must incorporate in a PPC campaign.

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How to Display Ads to Relevant Audience only 

Target on the location- according to estimates, almost 46% of Google searches are grounded with local intent. While running a local business, you must target countries, states, counties, cities, zip codes, etc. These factors make your Ad local-focused and thus generate local traffic. You can also bid more on certain locations where you have a solid customer base.

You can target location on two grounds-

1- Radius Targeting- limiting the radius in which your ad is focused. This limit of radius can be different for different businesses, but it is a highly efficient way of increasing the prospects of conversions on your ad. For instance, if someone is looking for a dentist, they likely attend services of a dentist under 20 miles of their residence.

If your selected radius encompasses some of the unwanted areas, then you can exclude those areas. You can easily block the traffic from those areas where you do not serve.

2- DMA regions- this is especially for those advertisers who target metro areas and also have several television commercials. Thru them, you can focus all your ads collectively on the same group.

Demographics Focusing- if you are a men’s only apparel brand, you would be squandering your money if your ad is displayed to women and kids. Google has the data of more than 40% of its searchers. You can easily exclude the unwanted chunk of demographics from your ad who are less likely to generate a conversion for your business.

You can also bid higher on certain demographic groups.

Keywords- the relevance of keywords in Google Ads can never be emphasized enough. They determine where your ads are going to appear. A very famous keyword that is gaining traction these days is the ‘near me’ keyword. This alludes that people are more inclined to go for an ad that displays the service which is close to their location.

Thus, you must incorporate the ‘near me’ keyword in the Ads. Another way in which the keywords can be used is to focus on keywords that deal with the nature of your service. E.g., if you are a luxury brand, you must focus on keywords like a stylish, limited edition, etc. however, if you provide affordable services, you must focus on KW’s like cheap, offer, etc.

Negative keywords, when used the right way, make your ad as sharp as a knife, which cuts at the right crowd of the customer to generate conversions. The wise use of negative keywords would be to add your competitor’s name to the negative keywords list. Also, add those areas, which are close to your location, but you do not provide your services there.


Using this feature, you can focus on people who are specifically interested in some subjects of your concern, e.g., shopping. You should add the custom intent audiences in your campaign of the search term. If you observe a better result with the prospects of the custom intent audience, you should target them.


The PPC campaigns of Google have so much versatility of options that you can approach a granular focus approach. You must ensure that you are adopting the right strategy, and you would generate huge conversions.