Determine the Appropriate Dosage of CBD Intake to Get Better and Effective Results

Determine the Appropriate Dosage of CBD Intake to Get Better and Effective Results

Cannabidiol is available in the form of oil, edibles, tablets, and creams. However, the dosage for every form varies depending upon its usage. The CBD market is expanding and its growth is increasing every year. However, the confusion about its legality in different states, safety as well as effectiveness, persists.

There is no official dosage for CBD. CBD consumption is restricted by FDA in most states. It has recently approved Epidiolex, which is the pure form of CBD product for epilepsy. Most CBD products have dosages printed on their label which can also vary from company to company. The effect of one CBD product may be different for one person and the same dosage may not work for the other.

Thus, you cannot rely on the same dosage that your friend is taking. You will have to experiment with the product to find the right dosage. Major factors that impact the dosage are –

  • The concentration of CBD in the product
  • Your body weight and chemistry
  • The type of medical condition and its severity
  • The form of CBD product you’re using

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Rules to Determine the Correct Dosage

  • This is common and it is recommended for almost all medicines, which is, to start with a small amount and gradually increase it. You may not feel the correct effect, but you will surely know how much to increase.
  • You will get a dosage calculator online which helps in finding the dosage according to the weight of the person. This way you will know the estimated dosage, still, you need to start with a low amount before increasing it.
  • Some doctors recommend taking it before bedtime. This way even if you’re restless or feel dizzy that will happen at night and not during the day. (CBD is a natural substance so it doesn’t have any major side effects).

How to Take CBD

One of the major factors that determine your dosage is the form in which you’re consuming it.

  • CBD oil and tinctures are taken sublingually which bypasses the digestive tract and enters the bloodstream directly. When CBD passes through the digestive tract it breaks its own and the effect of the compound may reduce or filtered out.
  • CBD Vaping means taking a puff of CBD flower which enters the lungs and goes directly to the bloodstream again bypassing the digestive tract. So, you’re getting the effect of pure form of CBD directly.
  • Capsules are made with measured dosage and it is the easiest form of consuming CBD if a person doesn’t know how to calculate the dosage.
  • CBD edibles also come in measured dosage so the calculation isn’t required here either. Just a gummy or two that can be taken even in broad daylight without getting noticed.
  • CBD salve and ointments stay only on the upper skin layer while CBD is meant to show better results after getting into the bloodstream. Thus, salve may not show as effective results like the ones taken orally or sublingually.

Several factors help in deciding the accurate dosage of CBD for an individual. It is wise to consult a doctor.